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1.      If selected, how are brokers to access?  Via our website, via the FAJUA,….etc.?  Producers will access the Service Provider system.  May be linked from the FAJUA website.

2.      What would be considered documentary evidence a company, as an MGA, is authorized to provide insurance services by the state of Florida?  Copy of licenses? Copy of license is adequate proof.

3.      What would be considered documentary evidence that a company is legally organized under the laws of the United States? Copy of certificate from home state office of corporations indicating the submitting party is an entity in good standing in its home state.

4.      It was not clear in the RFI; will the respondent need to print policies, decs or any correspondence to fulfill FAJUA’s needs?  Yes, the policies must be printed and delivered to the named insureds, lien holders, etc. An electronic copy may be sent to the producer of record. Correspondence is handled by the service provider and most are form letters.  Service Provider must maintain a diary system that is monitored for many items and must be kept up to date.

5.      To fulfill the issuance process will the respondent need to print policies (as above) and use FAJUA paper? Yes

6.      How will the respondent receive applications, endorsements and other correspondence? E.g. Post mail, email, fax, or an electronic feed process.  Electronic Feed process.

7.      How are rate changes handled?  Are they scheduled?  How would we be notified?  Is there a rate calculator that we would have access to for testing and verifying rates?  Yes to each question.  Rates are changed annually and the provider is given 45 days to program.  A rate calculator is not available.

8.      Is there a FAJUA specific manual that we will be able to use, and if so, how are updates to this communicated?  The FAJUA Manual of Underwriting Rules and Rates is to be used.  Updates are supplied electronically and hard copy when approved. PDF available under downloads.

9.      Will we have a contact person at the FAJUA to answer questions on exception processes?  Yes, there are several staff members available depending on the issue.

10.    Please explain the collection services requirements? Please clearly detail expectation of respondent’s duties. FAJUA Accounting and Statistical Manual, Chapters 1,2,4,6 & 18.

11.    What are the pay plans offered to insured’s?  FAJUA Accounting and Statistical Manual, Chapter 2.

12.    Part of our Premium Services offering can include an internal lockbox, will FAJUA be using that service or continue using the current lockbox plan at FAJUA?  FAJUA Accounting and Statistical Manual, Chapters 1,2,4,5 & 6.

13.    In Section – General Scope of Work under additional duties, #2 referenced escheat, this pertains to only checks issued by the service provider?  FAJUA Accounting and Statistical Manual, Chapter 4.

14.    Will agents need access to the Policy Administration system?  Producers will need access to a system to input the information for binding and policy issuance.  Service Provider shall review the submissions for accuracy or make necessary corrections prior to issuing the policies.  Only written changes will be accepted, no verbal changes.

15.    What type of Underwriting Assistance services are expected of the respondent when an agent or insured calls?  Does FAJUA perform all of the Underwriting services, if so what is the staff size?  All underwriting inquiries are the duty of the Service Provider.  Service Provider must be familiar with the FAJUA Plan documents and Florida Statutes governing Auto Insurance.  The FAJUA Underwriting Manager will provide training and assistance to the Service Provider’s staff on an ongoing basis.

16.    Will our service representatives have access to the system being used currently to service insured’s and agents during calls?  No, the Service Provider must develop or utilize their own system to service the producers and insureds.

17.    What are the customer service hours expected or required by FAJUA?  Customer service hours should be provided between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM EDT.

18.    What is the process expected by FAJUA to begin work with the chosen respondent? E.g. will everything be turned over at once? Will there be a roll-on as policies renew? How will the transfer occur? Will an electronic feed transfer over to our policy admin system?  There is no roll-on or provision to take over current policies.  The incumbent Service Provider will continue to serivce those policies existing on the last day of its contract with the FAJUA.The Service Provider chosen as a result of this RFI will be accepting new applications beginning on the date of implementation.  The Service Provider will supply policy data as requested by the claims TPA.  If there are questions they are addressed to the Underwriting Manager.  The Service Provider will be provided updates for all producers so that commissions can be issued monthly as required by the A & S Manual.

19.    What is the official website for the FAJUA where the answers will be listed? (Currently the only website with information is the FAJUA section on the AIPSO website.)

20.    What are the FAJUA reporting requirements?  Service Providers will be required to register for Online Reporting through AIPSO, the Central Processor.  Data submission requirements are outlined in Chapter 6 of the FAJUA Accounting and Statistical Manual.

21.     What Third Party interfaces are needed?  The Service Provider will need to interact with AIPSO, the FAJUA Central Processor; in addition if Policy Administration and Claim Administration are separate entities, interfaces will be required between the two entities.

22.    Other than AIPSO, what other state agencies and different entities will the respondent need to interact with? What types of interactions (e.g. data transfer)?  AIPSO is not a state agency.  They are a TPA of the FAJUA.  The respondent will not interact with state agencies unless directed by the FAJUA.

23.    Given the request for a quote based on net written premium can we also include a base monthly fee to account for drops in premium?  Yes.  Please note in the RFI, Section Three: General Information: a. A percentage of net written premium for policy administration services; subject to a monthly minimum.  b.A percentage of earned premium for claims administration services; subject to a monthly minimum.

24.     Implementation: Is it expected that we will price implementation costs into the net written premium fee or can we price implementation separately?  Yes.  In addition, please provide a breakout of cost for implementation separately.

25.  Are all respondents DR plan submissions (Tab 2) required to be in the “Level I, II, III” format that you are requesting, even if a submitted plan addresses these scenarios, but not specifically as Level I, II, III? Respondents should provide a current disaster recovery plan.



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